Welcome to PIA

The Private Investors for Africa (PIA), founded in 2001, is a business coalition that brings together ethically like-minded companies with the objective of tapping into their business experience in Africa to tangibly contribute to the continent's future.

At present PIA members include: Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, HEINEKEN, Standard Bank and Syngenta.

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The PIA members are united and motivated by a common vision to help accelerate economic growth and social development across the African continent.

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Latest news

PIA meeting with Gavi

The PIA held an insightful meeting with Ms Saraka Yao, Managing Director of Resource Mobilisation and Private Sector Partnerships for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisations (Gavi). The PIA supports the critical role that Gavi is playing in accelerating the rollout of the vaccination against Covid-19 to meet the ambitious targets set by the WHO and UN of vaccinating 70% of the population of all countries by mid-2022.

PIA meeting with the IFC

The PIA had a constructive discussion with IFC’s Stephanie von Friedeburg and Sérgio Pimenta on the institution’s priorities for the continent. There is a clear focus on private sector collaboration and recovery-focused investments given the impacts of Covid-19.

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PIA meeting with the World Bank

During May 2021, the PIA met with senior members of the World Bank Africa team to discuss the recovery of the African continent in the wake of Covid-19. We had a vibrant discussion around the vaccine roll-out and its link to economic recovery. Other topics included regional and global trade, debt relief and revenue mobilisation. While the medium-term outlook for the continent is broadly positive, increased private sector investment remains dependent on a stable investment climate.

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