Jobs & Skills

There is poor alignment between skills and leadership levels in Africa and public and private sector employer needs. The PIA companies co-operate to identify and address some of these gaps. In 2011, PIA launched the Leadership for Change in Africa Programme which is aimed at creating a network of pan-African, high potential, emerging leaders in the private sector, government, civil society and NGOs, working in partnership as catalysts for change in Africa.

Since October 2011, four workshops have taken place in East and West Africa. These workshops were successfully managed by the African Leadership Institute with support from global leadership experts and inspirational leaders in business, government and civil society across Africa.

The overall aim of the programme is to create a forum where leaders from different sectors of society can explore higher concepts of leadership as well as be involved in practical projects that seek mutually beneficial solutions to key leadership issues. Some of the key issues include greater transparency in business and government, growing intra-regional trade and mobility of labour within regions.


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